Argentina (Summer 2007)

In late summer 2007, I went backpacking in South America, from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My friend Bob was again my travel companion on this adventure–though it proved to be less strenuous than Japan. We arrived in Buenos Aires during the brisk winter month of July. We started off by visiting with some of my family and doing some sightseeing of the major attractions in this South American metropolis with a European feel. We made sure to walk around in the famous Plaza de Mayo and see the statue of San Martin (the Argentine equivalent of George Washington), before making our way north via double-decker bus to Puerto Iguazú. The 10+ hours of bus travel were well worth it, as this town, which borders both Brazil and Paraguay, is home to one of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls–Iguazú Falls. The beauty of this natural wonder was captivating, and the perfect rainbow within the mist only added to the experience. We got some great wide angle views, in addition to some up-close shots, where I had to make sure not to get my camera too wet! Unfortunately, Bob came down with strep throat during our time in Puerto Iguazú, preventing us from visiting the Brazilian side of the falls, but we were certainly satisfied with the Argentine side!

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