“Growing up working class, in a small oil town in Texas, I thought I hated ‘science’. But through my adventures in the world’s oceans, I’ve lived an exhilarating side of science that few can imagine. The secrets that I’ve discovered about marine life provide timely lessons for humanity, in our quest for a sustainable future.”

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Dr. Mike Gil’s TED talk from TEDGlobal in Tanzania has >1M views.


“Mike Gil is an ebullient force of fact, story, and entertainment. He not only satisfied our desire for new ideas, he delivered those ideas in a way that made us forget we have iPhones. He had our full attention.”

Jeff Davis, President | The Western Section of The Wildlife Society


“Mike is one of those rare scientists who can take very complicated information and present it in a manner that a layperson can understand. His presentations are engaging, a delightful mix of solid facts and humor, and he provides the audience with ways to take personal action on ocean health issues.”

R. Mark Davis, President | Sailors for the Sea


“Mike gave a truly compelling presentation at our Water is Life One Health Symposium at UC Davis in November with amazing videos. I was captivated and inspired!”

Patricia Conrad, Distinguished Professor & Co-Director | University of California Global Health Institute


“Mike is a dynamic and engaging speaker who brought the importance and understanding of the scientific process to our Aquarium staff and guests in a fun, communicable way.  Our staff and guests were excited and inspired to learn more, conserve more, and act more concerning our environment.”

Suraida Nanez-James, STEM Integration Manager | Texas State Aquarium


“Mike is an excellent public speaker. At the University of Aruba, he gave a public lecture about the scientific research conducted by him as a marine ecologist. He engaged the public with catchy questions and answers, attractive audio visuals and his dynamic and serene personality. Even months after his presentation many thoughts, sights and sounds he shared are still stuck in my mind. Mike has the ability to make us think of science as a cool activity. He made me want to feel good and thus emulate his approach to science. As rector of the University of Aruba, I am always looking for ways to share scientific findings with the general public and especially with those young at heart and in the mind. I will certainly consider engaging with Mike again to do this work for the disciplines connected to marine ecology.”

Glenn Thodé, Rector | University of Aruba


“I represent the UC Davis Chapter of SEEDS (Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity, and Sustainability), an organization of more than 30 undergraduates from highly diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds. Dr. Gil presented his work in the field of ocean ecology and science communication to us in the past month. His presentation was a highly captivating blend of humor, education, and enthusiasm. He was also more than happy to engage our members in conversation afterwards, and provided insightful answers to any additional questions we had. Through and through, Dr. Gil amazed us all with his passion, knowledge, and dedication. He would be a strong candidate for any positions requiring public engagement in the ecological and biological sciences. We would be grateful to have more opportunities to work with him in the future.”

Asa Holland, Undergraduate Student & Field Technician | John Muir Institute of the Environment, University of California, Davis


“Mike Gil’s truly inspiring and witty talks on marine ecosystems and on the value of research reach out to the heart of his audience. While visiting Aruba as a guest of the Aruba Regatta Foundation, Mike has engaged in academic discussion at the University of Aruba, shared his insights with divers and regatta visitors and he has motivated the regatta participants during a unique pop up talk at the awards ceremony of the regatta. Truly dedicated and versatile, Mike represents the new generation of scientists that cares about the value of research data as a tool to transform societies.”

Eric Mijts, Researcher & Lecturer | University of Aruba


“Mike Gil has that rare ability to present in a lively, authentic way that engages an audience. Science is cool; Mike Gil gets that message across loud and clear. I heard Mike give a public talk on coral reef conservation in our small berg of Davis, CA. There was a diverse crowd of 50 or so people who had gathered for the evening to listen to Mike while having a beverage and a bite. But how much eating and drinking anyone did is debatable since they were very involved in listening to Mike talk about what coral is and how it is being impacted around the world! His presentation was well-organized and hit at the right level of information sharing. It was clear and understandable, not dumbed down. He had vivid, real world stories from his work as a research scientist out in the field. At the end, there were lots of terrific questions, and Mike took the time to answer all of them. Best of all, we went home with some actionable things that we can do to help save coral reef communities at home and around the world. Mike would be a marvelous choice of speaker for organizations interested in conservation, ecology, sustainability, and other critical science topics of the 21st century.”

Caitlin McGaw, President | Candor McGaw Inc.


“Mike is a gifted public speaker who was able to get a large (and very mixed) crowd excited about coral reef ecology specifically and conservation generally. He had a great slide/video presentation and also handled wide-ranging questions deftly.”

Jared Shaw, Professor and Creator of ‘Science Café’ Public Lecture Series | University of California, Davis


“Mike! Thank you so much for the talk you did as part of the Tuleyome “Nature and You” Speaker Series.  Your presentation and personal stories of your work on Coral Reef Ecology were simply great.  Your ability to make serious science relevant, accessible, understandable, and fun kept the audience engaged and piqued everyone’s interest to the point where I was worried that we were keeping you too long with all the questions the audience was coming up with.  We hope to hear more from you in the future.”

Bill Grabert, Event Coordinator | Tuleyome.org



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